artIn the cultural arena, students are encouraged to participate in the School’s Debating Society, Choir, Chess Club, Wildlife Society and the Co-Workers Outreach Group as well as other clubs and societies.


The Art Department has established itself as a strong opportunity for self-expression where lateral thinking is encouraged and the resulting graphic and three dimensional outcomes are challenging and of a high aesthetic standard.


Chess has seen remarkable growth and the teams entered in competitions have achieved top honours on a regular basis. Some of our leading players have won at National level and the future Grand Masters regularly sweep the board in interschool competition.

  • Astronomy

    For those with an interest in Astronomy, the School houses the Observatory of the Galileo Astronomical Society with its 12” Newtonian telescope and are welcome to join the Durban Astronomy Society in their monthly meetings and star-gazing.


    Oratory has been an area where College has excelled. Students participate in courses run by Toastmasters International. They engage in debates with opposing teams from other city schools and have mastered the art of discussion in Forum.

  • telescope

  • Music

    The St Henry’s Music School was established several years ago and offers tuition for a number of instruments. The students are entered for international music exams and regularly achieve well.

    Musically, a tradition established many years ago continues with the College choirs where both Preparatory and High school pupils are coached for performance in a number of public functions during the year. Particularly, the choirs sing at the large masses which are an integral part of the calendar at the College. On the basis of sound training and a love for music, each year sees pupils being selected for the prestigious KwaZulu Natal Youth Choir.

  • Drama

    The world of theatre has confirmed its vital place at St Henry’s with the establishing of the Speech and Drama Department. Both the High School and the Preparatory School have ventured into full-scale classical and contemporary drama productions, both straight plays and musicals.

    The students are encouraged in their own thespian skills in the various variety productions and the annual one act play festival, writing and directing what is offered to the audiences. With the rich ethnic diversity at St Henry’s, Zulu and Eastern cultural evenings are part of the College’s cultural pursuits.

  • Outreach

    Outreach is vital aspect of life at St Henry’s . Awareness of the needs of others is at the heart of Marist education and many opportunities are provided to contribute to efforts to alleviate the plight of those in dire circumstances. Apart from regular contributions to various charitable bodies, the Outreach groups of students and staff adopt institutions where relationships with those in the institutions are carefully and lovingly nurtured. The Marist practice of Presence explicit in our Ethos has practical outworking as the members of the St Henry’s Family come alongside others, empathizing and encouraging as they help with homework and coaching sport.

    The desire to serve others has found a strong expression in the involvement of College Grade 11 students in the Durban Youth Council. For several years, St Henry’s pupils participated in Council activities with Marists filling the top positions of Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

  • First Aid

    With the very significant growth in sporting activity at St Henry’s, there is a vital need for competent provision of initial care for injury on the sports field. Intensive expert training is given on a regular basis over three days and students are able to progress to Level 3.

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  • Dancing

    Ballroom dancing has a dedicated group of learners being coached in the intricacies of the footwork of Ballroom and Latin and Ballet is offered to the smaller members of the Marist family.