A specific Marist ethos has evolved and been codified in the light of the life and philosophy of the Marist Founder, St Marcellin Champagnat:

  • Presence

    Spending time with youngsters provides opportunities to enter their lives, build up relationships and understand them better

  • Simplicity

    Being child-like as in the spirit of the Gospel means avoiding duplicity, pretence and empty show. Relationships are open and honest.

  • Family Spirit

    There is a place for everyone. A sense of belonging is fostered. A sound family does not neglect moral authority and expectations.

  • Love of Work

    Marcellin’s practical lifestyle moved others to work hard and to respect all kinds of labour. He balanced work with prayer and life in community.

  • Mary’s Way

    Mary was a prayerful woman of faith, obedient and grateful to God. She was concerned for others and stood by those who suffered.

  • Integrity

    Promoting an absolutely honest attitude in all we do and say.