Pre-Primary And Junior Preparatory

The Junior Preparatory phase strives to cater for the needs of all children by encouraging them to develop confidence and become well-balanced individuals. At this stage, learning styles are developed so the pupils are allowed the opportunity to explore their full potential.

Mathematics, reading, writing and spelling programmes form the basis of our curriculum. Each child is further extended by weekly music lessons and physical education, visits to the computer centre and the library. Outings to places of interest form a part of this integrated learning experience.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through regular meetings and reports. The school is well supported by therapists through our Academic Support Centre where remedial therapy is available for children who may require it. As a Catholic school, we ensure that a spiritual foundation is maintained throughout our learning day and the major festivals in the Church’s calendar are observed and celebrated.

Our extra-mural programme helps our young leaners to explore a range of activities and develop skills and interests beyond the formal curriculum.

landscape-collection-2Senior Preparatory

The Senior Preparatory School provides development of basic skills in key learning areas. In an environment where they have control, choice and support, students are enabled to grow intellectually and personally. Every child is able to experience success as a learner, to cope with diversity.

As with the other phases in the College, Christian spirituality is foundational to the shared life of Senior Preparatory School pupils. In this Phase, children are introduced to specialist subject teaching where lessons are stimulating and fun. Regular residential outings are organized for Senior Preparatory students. Class work is supplemented by local tours and excursions which add dimension to the classroom experience. Regular residential outings are organized for Senior Preparatory students. Detailed reports are issued each term and parents also have regular opportunities to consult with teachers.

A well-developed sporting and cultural extra mural programme gives students opportunities to develop skills and interests outside the classroom.

portrait-collection1High School

St Henry’s Marist College is justifiably proud of its superb academic record: with a reputation for excellent academic standards, with annual success rates of 100% at Matric level and a very high percentage of candidates obtaining Exemptions. During the past 38 years, a pass rate of 100% has been achieved on 35 occasions.

Since 1996, its pupils have written the Independent Examination Board Matric which is regarded as the pre-eminent examination body in South Africa. Modern educational equipment and methods help the pupils develop a spirit of inquiry so that they will undertake personal independent study. The Learning Resource Centre, incorporating the School Library and Archives, is well-equipped to be the nucleus of research.

St Henry’s is academic home to approximately 750 young men and women from Grade 000 through to Grade 12, with classes averaging approximately twenty-two to twenty-five students in. The teaching staff have kept abreast of the many educational changes in our country by attending all relevant in-house courses offered by the Education Department and the Independant Examinations Board.

landscape-collection-5Sport Activities

From the early days when the sports calendar offered just rugby, cricket and swimming, the range of sports codes has widened significantly. Both individual and team sports provide opportunities to develop personal and concerted group abilities. With girls becoming a vital part of the College community almost two decades ago, the face of sport at St Henry’s has altered considerably. Teams of the fairer sex take to the courts, pitches and fields with flair and skill and are achieving high levels of success.

Over the decades, a significant number of present pupils and alumni have taken the skills learnt on the playing fields of the College to competition in wider arenas and have earned their provincial and national colours. There have been past St Henry’s pupils who have celebrated their expertise at the highest levels like the Olympic Games.

The gentlemen of St Henry’s have a good number of sports from which to choose:

Cricket, Rugby, Water Polo, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey, Surfing and Softball and the girls fare just as well with Hockey (both Indoor and Field), Netball and Action Netball, Tennis, Soccer, Water Polo, Swimming, Cross Country, Golf, Surfing and Athletics. St Henry’s is renowned for its etiquette and competitive spirit in all these disciplines

landscape-collection-4Cultural & Extra Activities

All students have the opportunity to participate in a full cultural life at the College. Oratory is well-established and pupils in both the High and Preparatory Schools regularly excel in Debating Society, Forum and Toastmasters. The College’s musical tradition continues to grow with a flourishing choir and instruction in a number of musical instruments being given at the St Henry’s Music School. Chess has for a number of years seen significant success by individual players and teams both provincially and nationally.

The Co-Workers Outreach Group is an important expression of the Marist spirit embodied in the Founder’s concept of “Presence”. Groups of pupils commit themselves to spending time with disadvantaged children in need of love and support.

The First Aid Group provides aspiring medical personnel with the opportunity to serve the sporting community within the College and to hone skills which will stand them in good stead in their future careers.

For star-gazers and those with an interest in Astronomy, the College houses the Observatory of the Galileo Astronomical Society with its 12” Newtonian telescope.

The Dramatic Arts are being nurtured at the College and full scale productions are a feature of the year’s calendar with one-act play festivals, Zulu Cultural evenings and celebrations of Eastern dance and song-adding richness to a stimulating and busy schedule.