High School (Grades 8 to 12)

At St Henry’s Marist College, we realise that as young people move into the High School, the focus must be on preparing them to enter into the world as adults. It is not only about their journey immediately after Grade 12 but about life. What does a young person need to be and to possess in order to make their way in the world? How can they achieve their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations? For two hundred years, a Marist education has answered these questions. A Marist education is integrated and rigorous, aimed at supporting young men and women to become their best selves: capable, articulate, enthusiastic, compassionate and hopeful.


Academics is central to the life of a school and for nine decades, St Henry’s students have produced  results of distinction. We follow the prescribed national curriculum and write the IEB (Independent Examination Board) Matriculation Examinations. Our regular 100% pass rates and individual subject achievements demonstrate a consistent and dedicated programme of academic success. Our success lies in effectively working across the academic spectrum, with students who excel and those who may find academics challenging.

In Grade 10 -12 there are four compulsory subjects namely:
English (Home Language)
Afrikaans or IsiZulu First Additional Language)
Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy
Life Orientation

Then three of the following subjects are selected:
Business Studies
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Engineering Graphics & Design
Information Technology
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts

Some students may also elect to extend their studies and select an 8th subject eg. Advanced Programme Mathematics and/or Advanced Programme English in addition to their seven subjects.

We offer the following subjects to our students in Grade 8 and 9:

Afrikaans or isiZulu First Additional Language
Life Orientation
Physical Sciences
Life Sciences
Economic and Management Sciences (EMS)
Technology (with Engineering Graphics and Design/EGD)
Arts and Culture (Art /Drama/Music)
Computer Studies
Religious Education (non-examinable)

Academic support – For students who need extra academic support or extension, we provide consolidation lessons after school. These are available in the key subjects according to a weekly schedule and for other subjects as required. These lessons are taught by our staff and are an opportunity to reinforce and clarify what has been taught. No charge is levied.

Our School Psychologist – We have a school psychologist who is available to support pupils, along with our staff.

Life in the High School – A pupil’s perspective!!

(Jiya Singh – Grade 8)
The first day of High School presented in a very different way from my first day of Prep School.

As I had come through the Prep School, walking through the school corridors was familiar though the atmosphere was quite different. The transition from Prep School to High School was made real seeing everyone in the High School uniform on the first day. The realisation dawned that we were now the seniors, that everyone looked up to.

During the first week, the Grade 8’s go away on an excursion which helps us to get to know each other better, especially the new entrants and form bonds to last through our High School years.

The rite of passage into High School is started with the Blazer Ceremony, where each Grade 8 student is given a blazer symbolising their entrance into the High School at St Henry’s.

In Prep School, the students are nurtured and are groomed to think for themselves whilst in High School you are expected to have reached that stage of maturity and responsibility. The teachers in the High School are constantly supportive of us pupils and our efforts in whatever we do, whether it be sport, academics or culture. The High School teachers at St Henry’s are highly skilled, dynamic, resourceful, up to date with the latest technology and teaching methods and relate well to us.

In Prep School, we experienced the culture, spirit and general atmosphere of the school but, in High School it is taken up a notch. I am sure that if Covid-19 did not create the chaos it had this year, we would have had many more opportunities to experience what High School life is about. Despite this our first High School swimming gala was loads of fun and we were filled with a deep sense of pride for our much-loved school. Being a small school, there is a strong sense of community and unity and most of all Family Spirit. We all know each other quite well right from Grade 1 in the Junior Primary Phase all the way up to Matric.

High School life at St Henry’s brings with it goals to aspire to, good times to enjoy and precious memories to make and a great bunch of people to share the journey with!


Extra-Murals and Leadership Programmes

We offer a wide variety of sports and cultural activities at St Henry’s Marist College giving our pupils extensive choice with regard to afternoon activities:

A Love for Sport

From the early days when the sports calendar offered just rugby, cricket and swimming, the range of sporting codes has widened significantly. Both individual and team sports provide opportunities to develop personal and concerted group abilities.

Over the decades, a significant number of present pupils and Alumni have taken the skills learnt on the playing fields of the College to competition in wider arenas and have earned their Provincial and National colours. There have been past St Henry’s pupils who have celebrated their expertise at the highest levels like the Olympic Games.

For the boys, we offer: Cricket, Rugby, Rugby 7’s, Water Polo, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey and Surfing.

For the girls, we offer: Hockey (both Indoor and Field), Netball and Action Netball, Tennis, Soccer, Water Polo, Swimming, Cross Country, Golf, Surfing and Athletics.

College Culture

In the Cultural arena, students are encouraged to participate in all of the clubs and societies the college has to offer. With such a variety there is something for everyone.


The Art Department has established itself as a strong opportunity for self-expression and a place students are able to express themselves creatively in multiple mediums. The Art Club work is often featured around the College and at student exhibitions always showing the high aesthetic standards that have become synonymous with the department. The annual College Art Auction is a highlight for the Art department where artwork from across the entire College is celebrated and featured. The Art Club also assists every year with the annual productions helping to make props and set pieces to bring the plays to life.


The world of theatre comes alive at St Henry’s in the Drama Department. Both the High School and the Preparatory School put on a full-scale production each year varying in style from dramatic plays to musicals; murder mysteries to Shakespearean comedies. Students are encouraged in their own skills in the various variety productions as well as the annual inter-house one act play festival where they write and direct their own plays. The annual Talent Show and Cultural evenings are also a highlight of the Cultural calendar. The Drama Department also takes part in the KZN Speech and Drama Festival as well as other Student Drama Festivals.


Music is an essential part of the Cultural offering at St Henry’s. The College Choirs are coached for performance in a number of public functions during the year as well as for the large Masses which are an integral part of the calendar at the College. The Praise and Worship group also supports the Ethos department at the Masses providing the musical backing. Our College Band and Percussion group have also started to establish a name for themselves performing at several events throughout the year and becoming a highlight of each term at their lunch time concerts.

The St Henry’s Music School was established several years ago and offers tuition for a number of instruments by private coaches. The students are entered for International music exams and regularly achieve well.


Chess has seen remarkable growth and the teams entered in competitions have achieved top honours on a regular basis. Chess coaching starts in the Junior Primary and helps the players to develop their skills all the way to High School.


Oratory has been an area where the College has excelled. With the opportunity to participate in Debating and Toastmasters as well as several other speaking competitions our Orators have the opportunity to hone their skills. Students can participate in courses run by Toastmasters International as well as engage in debates with opposing teams from other schools.


Our budding photographers seem to be all over our campus and the Photography Club is where they learn to master their equipment and artistic eye. Having had their work featured at exhibitions it is exciting to see how this club has grown over the years. The Photography Club also supports the Marketing department as a lot of their work gets featured on our College social media platforms and the like.

LEGO Robotics

Science, Technology and Engineering all come alive in our LEGO Robotics Club where students get the opportunity to build and program robots using LEGO. The club participates in the annual LEGO Robotics competition competing against top schools and often emerges successful.

Our Leadership and Development programmes include:

An orientation programme during which they are formally awarded their High School blazers.

The Grade 9 Camp Solomon Experience is a multi-day programme in the Otto’s Bluff area, 20 kilometres outside of Pietermaritzburg. This programme aims at developing the leadership qualities of respect, self-reliance, human relations and understanding of consequences.

Grade 10 and 11 leadership development programmes which build on the Grade 9 experience.

The long-standing Grade 12 personal formation and development programme.

In addition, there are the following:

Grade 11 Toastmasters Course

Grade 12 Career days

Subject excursions and activities

An annual overseas tour, alternating between sport and culture

Homework Room Facility

A supervised homework room facility is available from Monday to Friday until 17h00 for the High School pupils should they not have extra mural activities to attend. No charge is levied for this service.

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