Supporting a Marist Education in the Present and Preparing for the Future

The St Henry’s Marist Trust, an Independent Trust and registered Public Benefit Organisation was established in 2017 to support the advancement and future development of St Henry’s Marist College.

It is only through the generous support of donors, individuals, and organisations that we will we be able to raise the much-needed funds for scholarships, bursaries, and projects in the long term.

At the heart of a Marist education is an education grounded in VALUES and the ethos of the Marist Brothers.

Join us in investing the future of tomorrow by contributing towards a Marist education today.

Together we can make a difference!

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle

A Marist Education at St Henry’s Marist College

A Marist education is truly an education of heart and mind, where pupils have the opportunity and potential to excel in all they do, with access to quality education and a full range of sporting and cultural activities. Above all, a St Henry’s Marist pupil, through the values instilled in them, has the ability and drive to make a significant difference in the world, a world where success is not only measured by the general success principles but by one’s contribution to society.

Our Vision

Opportunity to give back and pay forward


Raise much-needed funds to assist with providing scholarships and bursaries through our Marist Scholarship and Bursary programmes.

Attract investment and support for the maintenance and development of the St Henry's Marist College Campus through special projects and capital development campaigns

Create an Endowment fund to support the long-term sustainability of ensuring a quality Marist education is available for generations to come.

Ensure the stewardship and advancement of our Marist Community by providing an opportunity to connect, network, and develop partnerships for the collective benefit of the greater Marist Family.

The St Henry’s Marist Trust Key Programmes

1. Bursaries and Scholarships

Access to quality education remains a dream for many pupils, especially access to an education built on a foundation of values-aligned to developing the whole child to become a responsible, thoughtful and balanced adult.

The St Henry’s Marist Trust has established a range of bursary and scholarship programmes to support both individual and corporate giving.

Join us to be able to give the gift of a Marist education to those deserving pupils.

“An investment in education always pays the highest returns” Benjamin Franklin.

Please reach out to us to see how you can make a MARIST difference by supporting the various Bursary programmes we have on offer.

Individual Bursaries and Scholarships

Support an Education in the present by contributing towards a Marist Bursary

By funding or contributing towards a bursary for a Marist Education today, you provide an opportunity for a deserving pupil to attend St Henry’s Marist College, an independent private school with a core focus on providing quality education both sport and cultural enrichment and most of all a strong foundation of values. This is an opportunity and privilege not available to many pupils without the generous support of donors.

Bursaries may be partially or fully funded and are usually over a set period of time (usually their High school career). You may wish to contribute to our Marist Bursary Fund, whereby you may wish to make regular payments towards the current St Henry’s Marist Trust Bursary candidates.

Marist Bursary candidates are selected on a number of criteria, including their financial needs, their potential to be of service and give back to one’s community and their overall academic potential given the right opportunity at St Henry’s Marist College for a Marist education.

St Henry’s Marist Trust Scholarships are awarded to pupils who display a level of excellence in either academics, sports, culture, leadership or all-around excellence. These scholarships may be partially or fully funded.

Corporate Giving – St Henry’s Marist Trust Business In Education Fund

The St Henry’s Marist Trust Business in Education Fund has been established to support those organisations and corporate companies who view education as a vital investment in the future of this country.

We all know that education is a powerful agent of change; not only does it improve health and livelihoods, but it also contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth. Education is also essential to the success of every one of the 17 sustainable development goals. – (SDG 4) – Quality Education

The following benefits exist for those companies/organisations wishing to contribute towards The St Henry’s Marist Trust Business in Education Bursary programme

  • Tax Benefits -The St Henry’s Marist Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and can issue Section 18A Tax Certificates for donor funding and donations in-kind.
  • B-BBEE Scoring for a Company –  The St Henry’s Marist Trust can support the B-BBEE Score Card of a company or organisation with a St Henry’s Marist Trust Business In Education Bursary in support of a previously disadvantaged black child.

Donations in kind that support the St Henry’s Marist Trust Business In Education Bursary recipients qualify for tax benefits and are eligible for BEE Points-scoring. These donations may vary from technology support, e.g. laptops, sporting equipment and even stationery packs.

“Inclusive, good-quality education is the foundation for dynamic and equitable societies” Desmond Tutu.

Legacy Bursary – An investment beyond a lifetime

The St Henry’s Marist Trust has created a Marist Legacy Bursary programme for those individuals and families that would like to leave a lasting legacy in the form of a Legacy Bursary for generations to come.
Your Legacy Bursary can be made in memory of someone who inspired you to honour a loved one or mentor or as a class. The benefit of a legacy Fund is that one has the ability to grow your contribution throughout your lifetime and for generations thereafter.

All St Henry’s Marist Trust Legacy Bursaries are invested, and a portion of the amount is awarded to the selected bursary recipient. Your participation and involvement in the selection of the bursary recipient is welcomed.

2. Campus Development

As we look to the future, our focus is on supporting St Henry’s Marist College with the continued upgrading and development of our campus to ensure that St Henry’s is able to maintain its relevance in the 21st century whilst providing a Marist education. We have a number of key medium and long-term projects earmarked for development; join us in investing in the facilities that support our mission of a Marist education.

Medium-term Projects- Rising Stronger Campus Development Fund

  • We aim to renovate and upgrade our classrooms to accommodate the improvements and technology requirements of a 21st-century classroom. These advancements are essential and provide the necessary support to our teachers and provide pupils with a refreshed learning space.
  • Specialist areas require additional specialist equipment to support the advancements in sports and technology. We have some exciting new courses and funding opportunities on offer in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Long-term Projects- Building for the Future

St Henry’s Marist College has several projects that require significant support as we head towards our centenary in 2029. If you would like to hear more about our plans, please reach out to us.

Some of the projects earmarked for development include upgrading and developing the St Marcellin Amphitheatre, installing a much-needed Astroturf, building a multipurpose undercover Sports facility/hall, and creating a new home for the Chapel.

St Marcellin Amphitheatre

The current open-air tiered amphitheatre nestled just below the High School is one of the most functional spaces for our pupils to gather for formal and informal occasions; however, it can be limiting in the number of pupils that can be accommodated as well as the fact that it is open to the elements.

Please reach out to us to discuss the plans and funding opportunities we have for developing this vital space.

Faith for the Future – St Henry’s Marist College NEW Chapel

Catholic faith and essentially a Marist Education forms the foundation of our teachings at St Henry’s. Only by looking back can we appreciate the Marist Values instilled in those who have been privileged to have been connected with St Henry’s.

In the past, the St Henry’s Chapel has been situated in many parts of the school, but it is now time that we find a permanent home for what is essentially the heart of our school.

We would like to thank those alumni who have generously contributed to the Chapel project in anticipation of the day that we can one day celebrate the new spiritual home of St Henry’s.

Please connect with us to hear about our current projects and campaigns.

3. Sustainability – Planning for the Future

Marist Solidarity Endowment Fund

To be able to support a Marist education in the future, it is essential that the St Henry’s Marist Trust is able to grow our Marist Solidarity Endowment Fund through the generous support of donors, investors, partners and the community.

The St Henry’s Marist Trust aims to grow our Endowment Fund with both restricted and unrestricted funding. Donations and funds raised for the endowment portfolio are invested as to ensure the organisation’s sustainability and mission. The endowment ensures long term sustainability whilst providing an opportunity to pivot and support essential projects linked to the long term growth of St Henry’s Marist College.

Leaving a Marist Legacy Bequest Programme

One of the most generous gifts you can give is the gift of an education for future generations, and one of the ways you can do this is by leaving a gift in your Will. The power of a bequest stretches far into the future and beyond a lifetime.

Please contact us to find out more.

Our Partners

Thank you to our various partners and our Marist Community for their continued support

Fundamental to St Henry’s Marist Trust’s sustainability and growth are its relationships with various stakeholders and Marist communities. It is only through your continued support that we will be able to achieve the vision we have set out to ensure the sustainability and advancement of St Henry’s Marist College.

St Henry’s Marist Community Business Directory

We have created the St Henry’s Marist Community Business Directory, especially for the Marist Community, which extends to alumni, parents, staff, pupils and friends of St Henry’s Marist College. This platform was created for our Marist Community to support one another by advertising and promoting your business/service to the community and for community members to support our Marist Family by supporting the business/services listed in the directory.



Marist Giving Channels

Banking Details:

Name: The Saint Henry’s Marist Trust
Bank: Standard Bank
Account Type: Current
Account No: 050938460
Branch: Kingsmead
Branch code: 040026
Swift Code: SBZA ZA JJ

(Credit card & International payments)

The Saint Henry’s Marist Trust is an independent Trust registered with the Master of the High Court in 2017 (reg # IT000701/201(D) and a registered Public Benefit Organisation PBO: 930061163 (Approved of in terms section 18A of the Income Tax, no 58 of 1962).

A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or in-kind to the St Henry’s Marist Trust is entitled to a deduction from his/her taxable income of the amount donated. The St Henry’s Marist Trust will issue the donor with a receipt entitling him/her to claim the donated amount as a deduction.


The Saint Henry’s Marist Trust is an independent Trust registered with the Master of the High Court in 2017 (reg # IT000701/201(D) and a registered Public Benefit Organisation PBO: 930061163. The registered Trustees provide the essential governance and direction to ensure that the Saint Henry’s Marist Trust is able to chart the way forward towards a sustainable future whilst ensuring that a Marist philanthropy culture is curated for generations to come.


Mr. Iain Grieve (Chairman), Mr. Alistair Beattie, Mr. Tim Campbell, Mr. Calvin Setzkorn, Dr. Stephen Leech

Address and Contact details:

St Henry’s Marist Trust
210 Mazisi Kunene (South Ridge) Road,
South Africa

Contact:    Kerry Phillips  | Trust  Manager
Tel:    +27 31 2617369